Embryoscope Unit

Sunrise IVF Center is the first certified centre in Egypt and North Africa to have an embryoscope unit, serving many patients from the whole area. With this ground-breaking technology, science fiction has now become reality in medicine.

It differs from normal IVF procedures in that when using a normal incubator, fertility specialists needed to extract the embryo from its test tube every 18 hours, starting from the first day, to monitor progress, in itself a risky and delicate procedure. Now, with the Unisense Fertilitech time-lapse embryoscope it is possible to track the development of the embryo from the time of conception. The unit has six chambers, each holding twelve embryos. Each embryo has its own video camera to monitor and record the cell division over a five day period, meaning that there is no need to remove it from its stable environment.

When playing back the videos after five days it can be seen which embryos have maintained the best cell division and exclude the abnormal or weaker ones. The embryoscope unit has built in technology to assess this. The embryo can then be transplanted secure in the knowledge that it stands a very good chance of resulting in a successful pregnancy. The process has helped tremendously in avoiding repeated miscarriages, a cause of great stress and disappointment to many couples in the past. Of course, it is also wonderful for parents to have a record of the very beginning of their child’s life, from the first millisecond up to when the cell has multiplied into 100 cells.

The embryoscope is extremely reliable with 24 /7 monitoring via a dedicated ADSL link with the headquarters of Unisense Fertilitech in Denmark. Should they see any irregularity in the unit they alert Sunrise IVF Center immediately.

Many couples have tried IVF on many occasions, but without success. This can be a financial drain as well as emotionally tough for them. Now with the embryoscope their chances of delivering a healthy baby are achievable. It is wonderful not only for the parents, but also the medical team that help make it possible.